I don’t think I have 1000 words, but I did realize after I posted yesterday’s blog that I hadn’t actually mentioned several of the books in this photo… they’re not here by accident, they are some of my favorites and while looking at this photo makes me smile, I wanted to elaborate a bit for anyone who’s curious…

This might sounds silly, but I LOVE the process of picking out a new book. I always appreciate a trusted recommendation, but there’s so much more to it, for me at least… With 3 kids, all of their activities, multiple jobs, 2 dogs and PTA/ school commitments, life is full, so if I’m going to take the time to read or listen to a book, I need to feel some kind of connection. You need to have an emotional connection to the words in order for them to have an impact. If you feel nothing as you read the words they’ll be gone as quickly as you can turn the page. For each of these books I can vividly recall where I was when I read some of the most meaningful sections or phrases. THESE are the words that seep in and stick around… these are the words that help you transform your life.

First up, the Marie Forleo book. Everything is Figureoutable… that title is amazing, it’s how I live most aspects of my life. While I haven’t yet read this one, I have listened to every podcast she’s done in the past six months, I’m completely obsessed with her and I’ve also purchased the audio version of this… she’s up next on my play list! And, as I mentioned above, I know the exact stretch of road where I was driving when I hear Marie say the quote “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” Those words have been written down and put into action.

The Slight Edge and The One Thing are 2 of the best books I could ever recommend for someone looking for personal/ professional development. I read them as I was starting out as a real estate agent and they gave me a huge amount of perspective on how we spend the [seemingly] insignificant moments of our lives. I read The 5 Second Rule two summers ago, right after I found out that Mel Robbins was going to be our key note speaker at the annual convention I was heading to that fall. Interestingly, the words that stuck out to me the most and I had a visceral reaction to were about anxiety. I remember reading this section on a cloudy day at the beach and immediately texting numerous friends with photos of quotes from this section. DANG, this woman is incredible… if anyone has a hookup for tickets to her new talk show, I would LOVE to go!!! These three books have a common theme – to make yourself better as a professional, you have to become the best version of yourself as a person… If that’s what you’re trying to accomplish, get these books in your hands NOW!!

E Squared…. When you read the description of this book, it might sound a little “out there” but, honestly you just have to read this. It’s about manifestation, it’s about believing… putting shit out into the universe, believing it with every fiber of your being and making that stuff real. It’s amazing and life changing and it was recommended by… Romi Neustadt.

Which brings me to my next book, Get Over Your Damn Self, written by Romi. Want to meet a woman who exudes confidence, can conquer the world and wants to take you along for the ride?? Yup, that’s her – she may be pint sized physically, but her words are larger than life, and I highly recommend the audio version because her voice makes you think she’s your best friend speaking right into your soul. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Romi in person and this book the next best thing to making her your real-life best friend!! The book is geared towards people in direct sales/ sales, but honestly, the way speaks about business and work ethic and connecting with the people around you, so much of it is applicable to anyone who wants to create something meaningful with their life.

As if one author in the family isn’t enough, the book in this pile that absolutely blows me away is Bullied, Not Broken… written by Romi’s 13 year old son, Nate Neustadt, as his Mitzvah Project! He wrote a book as his Mitzvah project, and then published it! The book is a quick read and EVERYONE should read these words… Nate’s book creates community for those who need it the most, the proceeds are going to Lady Gaga’s foundation, and also, I’m not sure there are many things more inspiring than a young author!!

Finally, Highlight Real… this one I’ve written about in the past, the author is Emily Paulson and her memoir is incredible, heartbreaking and relatable. I’ve followed Emily’s sober journey for as long as she’s spoken about it. I’m grateful for her friendship and grateful for her openness. And I can pretty much guarantee this won’t be the last time her name shows up in my blog. AND starting NOW her book is available in audio version 😉

There are two other things in this photo, deliberately placed where I’d see them regularly… the first is a candle from Porch, the most beautiful store in town (Mt Kisco), proving that you can (and should) make everything in your world a little more beautiful and special. The other is a print of Idaho… random, I know. But this is the bookcase in my office and seeing this picture fills me with inspiration and belief. Over the summer I spent 3 days with some of the most amazing women. We came together for a training as part of a coaching program we’re all participating in, and seriously, these women are now MY PEOPLE… you CAN create what you need, and this picture reminds me of that! [If you need a little inspiration in your life and you’ve not yet met my friend Heather, check her out!!]

I hope your home is filled with things that make you smile, inspire you and make you feel powerful in your own life! These are a few of mine!