About Us

Hey you!

I’m Lauren… Writer, coach and leader in community engagement.

I help women rediscover their strengths, passion and confidence to reclaim a spot in their life and step outside the box of perceived expectations. My goal is for women to create a future that is authentically and unapologetically their own.

As women, so many of us are spending our time looking around wondering “Am I doing it right?”. No matter what “it” is, we constantly second guess ourselves and measure our lives against those around us. Let’s stop. Let’s stop seeking approval, let’s stop crowdsourcing our decisions (big and small) and let’s START to build a life that we create – perfect, just for us!

I am a 39 year old realistic optimist – believing that you don’t need to bury your head in the sand to see the world with a positive spin. I’m a wife and mother of three, living in the suburbs and fully immersed in a life that is a million miles away from where I thought I’d be right now. Twenty years of being open to possibilities, not over thinking and following my gut has led me to right here and right now, and to what I am entirely certain is exactly where I belong!

For years I felt stuck in the confines of other people’s expectations, believing I was doing it ALL WRONG. I felt stuck in motherhood, in my my marriage and in my career – but I wasn’t. I was assuming that I was supposed to do all of these things in a very specific way and in my attempts to execute this perceived perfectionism, I was failing miserably and feeling awful about everything.

Once I realized that I didn’t have to live my life according to someone else’s expectations, and discovered that I could write the rules for my own life, everything changed. I took the (sometimes difficult but very deliberate) steps to become unapologetically and authentically me. I stepped into my roles – personal and professional – with my own expectations, strengths and values leading the way. I made no assumptions about what it was supposed to look like, I did the hard work and I created what I needed. The work I’ve done on myself over the past six years has literally made every single thing I do in my life today possible. It’s given me the strength to dive into the things that fuel me and step away from the things that don’t.

I am someone who lives with compassion for others, yet I am unapologetic in making myself a priority. I love and adore my children and my husband, and I would bend over backwards and move mountains for them. And I show myself that same respect.

The best way to get to where you belong is to listen to the GPS in your head…. if it’s shouting at you to make a U-Turn as soon as it’s safe, you should do that. If it’s constantly recalculating-recalculating-recalculating, even before you realize you’ve missed a turn, let it…

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