Have you ever tried to manifest something? Thought, wished, thought some more, and then waited?!
Did it work?

I’m a big believer that you can manifest and attract the things you desire in life, and also, that manifestation is NOT a passive activity. You don’t wish things into existence – you create them, first in your mind and then you [actively] attract them to you in reality. For today, let’s start at the beginning and make sure you’re on the right track and creating the things that will serve YOU!

WHAT do you want to manifest?

How do you know if the things you want to attract into your life are REALLY what you want?? Will you be happy and fulfilled, and your version of successful, when these items come to fruition? This is a bit about the actual manifestation, but more so it’s about figuring out if what you think you want is really what YOU want. We’re so bombarded with images and storylines of “success” that it can be easy to mentally photoshop your image in the middle of someone else’s success and claim that as your goal. There are so many examples of things other people have done to acquire and achieve that we sometimes don’t look any further than the closest example – if that person is happy and successful doing X, then I should do that too. Nothing will make you feel like a failure more than chasing someone else’s dreams or ideals…. this is where listening to your own internal GPS is so super important.

So, the first step in the exercise of manifesting will usually look something like writing goals or affirmations – the things you want to achieve, accomplish or experience. Don’t think too much, just write it all down! All of the WHATs down on paper. This list is your starting off point.

Next, pick one thing from your brain dump list – one thing that you think will help spark change and make the rest of the things possible, or at least bring you closer to them and write a very vivid and detailed description of your ideal job, office, house, etc. WHO do you need for this manifestation to become your reality? Who are the characters necessary for this scenario? Depending on what you’re manifesting, this could mean so many different things –

If you’re looking for love, this would be a love interest.
If you’re looking to build a thriving real estate business this would include clients and possibly staff for your office.
If you’re going to write a book, you’ll need an audience and a publisher.

You get the point, right?

So, get to it and tell yourself EVERYTHING about these people – who is your ideal love interest? Who are your ideal real estate clients? Who do you want working for you in this booming real estate office? Lots and lots of details – physical, emotional, personality traits, habits, etc… the more the better. You want to be able to visualize these people and everything about them, as if they were sitting right next to you.

That’s usually the fun part.

WHO do you need to manifest?

Next, determine who YOU need to be in order to attract these people. You want a big fancy real estate team selling multimillion dollar houses left and right – terrific…. Who are THOSE people look for? You want your dreamboat of a love interest with every quality you deem most important – ok, who is that person looking for?

So who are you in this scenario? Physical, emotional, personality traits, habits, etc…. all of the same things you wrote about the characters around you, now list them for yourself. Is this the best version of yourself? A stronger, more focused and confident version of yourself? It should be a little scary, requiring you to step out of your comfort zone, but should also be exciting!

Here’s the thing…. If you’re created these people who fit into your story and then you suddenly realize that everything that they would be looking for absolutely makes your skin crawl, fills you with anxiety and immediately makes you feel inferior, then stop for a second. Maybe you’re not describing the people you want to be in your future, but rather the people you think you should want to be in your ideal future. This is where you get to evaluate if you’re trying to manifest YOUR goals, or the goals and dreams you think you’re supposed to have….

Do the things you aspire to, the life you’re manifesting and creating, highlight you as the best version of yourself? Or do they require you to take on attributes, values and characteristics that don’t match who you are as a person? As a I child I was fully determined, with all of the confidence of an 8 year old, that I could be President of the United States… If I were to describe everything about who people would want to elect as their president, who I’d have to be in that scenario, and what my life would be like in this role, I literally hate EVERYTHING about it. For starters, I hate being the passenger in a car, so sitting the backseat is an immediate deal breaker. I like privacy, hate having my picture taken and generally like to fly under the radar. This is obviously an oversimplification, but you get the point – don’t keep manifesting the things that don’t highlight who you are.

Strive for growth… personal and professional development, but stay true to who you are as a person. Nothing f*cks a dream up faster than realizing it’s not your dream!!