If ever there was a pill that could change your life, transform your perspective and help you appreciate the world around you, it would be the medicinal form of gratitude.

A grateful heart can withstand any circumstance.

I firmly believe that you find what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for hard sh*t, you’ll inevitably get it; if you’re looking for things to put a smile on your face, you’ll find them. Anyone who has a focus on personal development will talk about the power of gratitude journals and the impact they can have on your mindset… if you end your day writing down the things you’re grateful for you’ll be on the lookout all day long for the situations and circumstances you appreciate – expecting them, and looking for the good in every situation. Taking note of things that might have otherwise slipped by, unnoticed. You can write about the big stuff, it’s obvious but still important – health, family, a home – but I like to focus on the small things that put an unexpected smile on your face, that’s where the magic is.

Bus late? Be grateful for a few extra minutes of peace before you get to school or work.
Didn’t get off the waitlist for your favorite class at the gym? Now you’ve got some extra sleep or quiet time to read.
Line at Starbucks WAY too long? Maybe you won’t go and instead you’ll save the money and calories, or maybe you’ll find a few quiet moments to send a text to friend.
You can find a moment of gratitude in most situations, if you’re trying to see them.

Take it beyond the journal…

Filling a book with the gratitude is a great first step. It can shift your mindset and change your mood. But then take that attitude of gratitude off the page and into real life. If you want to multiple anything you have to share!


How often do you express gratitude? Feeling grateful and writing it down is one thing, but expressing it… putting that gratitude out into the world, is so much more powerful for me. If you’ve got a good feeling today, write it down AND THEN do something to give that feeling to someone else.

I like to feel appreciated. So I show appreciation to others every chance I get…. scratch that, not every chance I “get”, every chance I CREATE.

I read a book a few weeks ago, immediately LOVED it, realized that the author was local to me and we had a bunch of mutual friends, so I sent her a message and told her how much I loved her book.

A woman I know through my direct sales business has written two books and consistently puts out amazing trainings and content… And when she says something that resonates, I tell her. Me and probably 100,000 other women 😉

Famous people, regular people, strangers… If something strikes me as special or moving or the kind of thing I’d want to tell my friends about, I always make sure to share my appreciation with the person who created it too.

So share the love. Don’t keep it all inside, that’s not where it grows! And also, keep your expectations out of it.

Do it for FREE…

Your expression of gratitude should be free of contingencies and expectations. It should be about YOU, your side of the conversation, what YOU are putting out into the world, the appreciation you are sharing. It’s really important to recognize that gratitude is about what you’re giving out, not what you’re receiving. Expectations are the opposite of gratitude… Expectations are an obligation you’re handing to someone else, expressing gratitude is throwing around your positive energy. When you start an interaction with an expectation of how someone else will respond you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and resentment.

What you think, feel and write down will always be important, but the magic is in the action. If you’re looking to make the world the best possible place, and you’ve got good, positive things brewing inside of you – GET THEM OUT!!

thanks for reading!