Not all morning routines are created equally.

If you’re a night owl hoping that a 5am wake up will suddenly make you love doing all of those tasks you’ve been putting off for years simply because you’re planning to knock them off your to-do list before the sun comes up, you might a little disappointed by what I’m about to say.

We’ve all heard the podcasts and read the books that talk about how efficient and deliberate you can be with an early wake-up, but I’d argue that the time on its own, won’t change your day without some other VERY important considerations.


Early wake up times and a productive morning routine are often laced with the best intentions for productivity and a sense of accomplishment. But they’re as individual and unique as we are. If I felt obliged to cook elaborate and “from-scratch” meals for my family and decided that 5am was the time I’d accomplish this, I would be miserable all day long and resentful of my stupid alarm clock that tortured me! I wouldn’t feel alive and refreshed and ready to conquer the day. You know why?? Because cooking is NOT my happy place. It’s not the thing that is going to start my day off to give me a pep in my step!

So I ask the question… What are you doing? What’s the purpose behind your morning routine? And is there a passion beyond that purpose?

There is definitely a school of thought that we should tackle our most difficult, uncomfortable and least exciting tasks first… Get those items off your list early so you can do the stuff you love later in the day. We assume that if it’s stuff we enjoy and are good at, we’ll be more likely to do it, right?? Well, maybe not. 


What if instead of doing the things you don’t like, the stuff you struggle with and often avoid, you did the things that light your soul on fire FIRST? I know the thought process is that you NEED to do the things you don’t like, and you’re probably avoiding them because they’re hard or uncomfortable, so crossing them off your list first makes you less likely to do them “later” [read: never]. On the days when I wake up early and do the things I love the MOST, the things that make me feel like I’m at the top of game and can literally do anything and everything, I am 100 times more productive. When I look at those pesky tasks I’ve been avoiding I can give them my “I’ve got this” stare and set out to conquer the world, or at least feel inspired enough to cook dinner for my family. So how do you get to those things? How do you create a morning routine that is an investment in making the rest of your day exponentially more productive??

Your morning routine starts WAY before that pre-dawn alarm goes off. It starts when you create a plan. It starts when you make a decision… a decision for YOU!

Backtrack to the night before your morning routine. Are you setting yourself up for a productive morning? Do you have a list of the items to accomplish? Your non-negotiable? The things you WILL accomplish before closing your eyes the next night? Do you know which things you’re most passionate about? Do you know which things you tend to put off and struggle with… and do you know why?

When you give yourself an early win (by doing the things you LOVE), you propel yourself into a great day. Let that win be your reward, and let the feeling of that reward create an association in your brain that your morning routine is a source of strength and motivation and inspiration for the day ahead. 


You have to start with understanding what you want. What are you BIG SCARY goals, what are your small daily goals? What are the things that make you feel like you’re the smartest person in the room? Do these things connect? If you know what the actions and tasks are that make you feel invincible and feel like you’re in, what my friend and mentor would call, your “zone of genius”, figure out how to do more of that! Figure out how to make those zone of genius actions deliver your goals to you, big and small. Start your day giving it your absolute all, the best you have to offer and your day can only improve from there. 

The bottom line is… if you’re doing sh*t you hate no morning routine will work!

I’m working on a downloadable file to help you figure out how to make your morning your own, how to create a plan to crush a morning routine and use that to fuel a day filled with productivity and feelings of accomplishment… stay tuned 😉

XO, Lauren