Do you feel like you’re just following along in life? A third wheel in your own story – life is happening in the front seat and you’re watching from the back to see how it unfolds? 

Do you feel like you’ll never get to those house projects, kid projects, personal projects… You just never seem to have the time or energy to accomplish these things.

Do you feel like you’re just too tired? You’re probably not physically exhausted (you might be, but that’s not usually the problem), you’re emotionally exhausted, you’re doing too much of the wrong things, spending too much time on autopilot. Your problems will likely not be fixed by a nap… trust me, I’ve tried this one! I love a nap, but just because they’re awesome, not because they’re a tool 😉 If you’re waiting for the day when you wake up refreshed – bounce out of bed, filled with energy and inspiration – and then, when all of the “things” line up, THEN you’ll do the thing, finish the project and change your life, I have a sad reality for you, it probably won’t happen! The outside things don’t change… YOU DO!

Inspiration, motivation and energy aren’t like the weather – you don’t look outside each morning to see what conditions will dictate how your day unfolds. You make those things, you decide to do the thing and it brings the motivation, inspiration and energy.

You’ll never wake up to discover more than 24 hours in your day, you won’t suddenly realize that your to-dos have all been done, that your office is clean and organized, your garage de-cluttered, your life back on track… You have to decide to make those things a reality. You have to shift around and make space for what’s important and forget the rest.

All time is not created equally…

An hour here and an hour there aren’t the same. Spending MORE time on what you love will fill you with the fire you need to to do more of everything! Break away from the things that drain you and replace that will energy fueling activities… you’ll be more productive, you’ll be more excited and you’ll get so much more accomplished!

The “too busy” mantra of life is like the plague… it’s everywhere and it’s ruining us! A full plate is only a burden when it’s filled with the wrong things… A plate filled with onions and cilantro would instantly cause a hunger strike from me, but trade that same plate for one filled with lobster and my favorite salads and I’m ravenous. Think of that food as the hours that fill your day.

If you were to write out your goals and all of the things you’re determined to accomplish this year, and then write out all of the things you actually spend your time on day in and day out, would it make sense? Would your daily activities look like a road map towards your goals? If not, the question is WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO CHANGE?

As I put the finishing touches on this post it is December 31, 2019…. there’s so much talk of the new year, new decade, a new beginning. You DO NOT need anything more than a decision to start something new – you can start a new job on a Tuesday, begin your exercise program on a Thursday, wake up on Wednesday and start making your bed – you don’t NEED the new year or decade for change, but, as it turns out IT’S HERE so why not use it as an excuse.

Friend, if there’s something on your mind and in your heart, the time to keep waiting has passed, and the time to act is now! You’ll never be all the way ready, you just have to decide that you’re ready enough. Ready to stop waiting and ready to start creating.

Health and fitness have been on my goal board year after year after year, and yet they never seem to make it on my daily activity lists. So, after waiting and waiting … stalling and delaying, I FINALLY decided to get my butt back to OrangeTheory. With many added pounds since my last class, feeling entirely out of shape and oh so chubby, I could have easily waited until after the holidays, for the new year, for the kids to be back in school, until after my second shoulder surgery, until I lost some weight, to get “a little” in shape, to feel ready, and so on and so on… but I didn’t. On Sunday, November 10th I set my alarm for 6am and headed back and loved it.

THIS…. THIS is what I accomplished when I stopped waiting.

Kicked some OrangeTheory butt… 26 classes in 2019 (November 10-December 31)

These numbers could all easily be zeros… That’s what my app says for 2018 – ALL ZEROS! But I made a decision and then I stuck to it.

I didn’t find an extra 26 hours to attend these classes (more, actually, since I have to wait to stop sweating and then shower and wash/ blow dry my hair), I made them! I went to bed earlier, I woke up earlier, I watched less TV, I wasted less time. I looked at the things I wanted to accomplish and realized that the action items to achieve those goals weren’t happening – so I changed that!

Whether you’re reading this on New Year’s Eve and thinking of the decade ahead or reading this on a random Wednesday afternoon thinking about the next day, I’ll ask you this…

  • What do you want?
  • What are you waiting for?
  • What are you willing to do to get it?